Diploma In Early Childhood Education


This program is significant and in line with the academic needs of kindergarten teachers in Malaysia by 2020 as required by the Ministry of Education Malaysia. The Early Childhood Education (PAKK) is also important for the development of our country and the next generations. PAKK ensures the improvement individuallly as a survivor  and prepares for a more challenging future.

The program provides students with practical activities and knowledge that can be applied in early childhood development. In addition, soft-skills are also emphasized in terms of student marketability afterwards. At the end of the semester, students will be placed in a registered kindergarten to undergo industrial training.

Why study early childhood education?

If you’re looking to have an impact on a child’s learning capabilities and consider a career in early childhood education. Let’s take a look at some reasons why this could be the academic route for you.

 Through ECE course, you will learn about the developmental milestones of children from the birth until age 6. This knowledge will help you learn to work with different age groups and how to help them learn.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the important relationships between parents and educational professionals, as well as the relationships between educators and other community leaders. Graduates from this course often get the opportunity to provide their students with unique hands-on learning experiences if you love with creative stuffs.

The Ministry of Education has implemented coordination of teaching staff who have at least ECE diploma to teach children at pre-school. Eligibility is enforced in 2020

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What are the benefits of a career in early childhood education?

It’s no surprise that graduates with a diploma in early childhood education get so excited about the many different career possibilities ahead. They know that they will be spent not only working with young children and helping them learn what they need to know in life, but that they’ll also be truly making an impact on today’s educational system. Feeling moved? here how you can feel more inspired with the benefits you’ll get.

  1. Opens many doors and career options.
  2. Your skills will always be in demand and no matter the advances in technology, parents will always prefer qualified, adept, and compassionate people to care for their children.
  3. Once in a credible position to voice experience, advice, and concerns, you can shape the future of your school.
  4. Early childhood education is an extremely rewarding career choice
  5. You’d be surprised how many people go into educational roles with no real desire to work with kids