Diploma In Accountancy


Accounting is a course related to the financial aspects of the business. Among the things involved are the recording, processing and preparation, storage and auditing of information in business finance. There are three types of accounting, namely accounting management, financial accounting and taxation.

Career as an accountant will enable graduates to work in government or private sector. The program also provides students with industrial training and final project that will link them to the government and the private sector. Besides that, it will provide a practical approach including the use of accounting management system.

Why study accountancy?

Although computers have made the lives of accountants easier by calculating complex formulas, they still need to have some basic mathematical skills and be good with numbers. An organisation would not be able to handle financial decisions without this kind of knowledge.

If you’re a good at accounting, that’s a chance for you to start your own business because you understand better about the marketplace and the ins & outs of various industries.

A finance professional is always needed by businesses and various industries – where money is involved, an accountant is needed.

What are the benefits of a career in accountancy?

Accountants are responsible for the financial situation of the company that you have to makes sure that money is flowing. Let’s find out why it’s so popular and what benefits you can get.

  1. Accounting majors learn how to do business better than business majors so they can advise business majors on what to do.
  2. Accountants know the rules that govern business. Accountants are the only non-attorneys that can represent clients in tax court.
  3. Accountants will learn the computer software that runs business and train others to use these programs effectively.
  4. Accountants are communication specialists and explain complex issues to anybody, no matter how unsophisticated.
  5. Accountants are professionals where they know what know what to do and help clients what they want to accomplish and advise on how to do it.