SPM: Study pathways after SPM & STPM

15 days to go, former school students will receive their SPM results. Usually, students are in dilemma and do not know where their next direction is. This is the moment where post – SPM students will decide on the field of programme. As a higher education college, we are also involved in assisting these students in choosing a right course and giving them a long term visions that can guarantee their future. There were 416 participants who attended this study pathways after SPM & STPM’s speech representing 6 districts in Sabah.

SPM Study pathways after SPM & STPM
Tambunan, Sabah

Prof. Madya Edwin Laimin, who also professional career adviser and motivator said post – SPM & STPM Malaysian students tend to choose their next education based on government university, environment, typical course, and family’s influence & demand, instead of other courses that give them big opportunities. He added that they should not be pressured by friend’s decision which end up switching course halfway and loss of money.

Ranau, Sabah

Moreover, he also stressed on point of view for unable to find a job because of the industrial revolution 4.0 as we move forward to artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber’s era. On the other hand, the scope of job will change from time to time, the students should be take into account with this matter. In fact, technology skills & hospitality are the most in-demand in any of the job sectors. There will be less using paper from now on and more innovation will appear as for right worker that have those skills needed.

Good news! for those who are interested to hear more, we will hold a “Jelajah Pendidikan Bumiputera 2018” for you to get inspiration and make the right decisions that will determine your future.