Prof. Datuk. Sr. Dr. Mohaizi Mohamad

Prof. Sr. Dr. Mohaizi (the founder and President of UGM) has been a consultant on GeoIntelligent Strategic Planning for government organisations for over 20 years with hands-on experience in the field of Land Survey, GIS, GPS, Geomatic, Land Administration, ICT and Multimedia, Strategic Management, Higher Education, as well as TVET. Prof. Mohaizi also has over 20 years of experience in the private tertiary education sector in addition to being a serial entrepreneur.

He founded Geomatika Technology Sdn Bhd, Juruukur Mutiara, Geomatika Universities & Colleges and Accredited Centres in the context to explore opportunities as consultants in Land Survey, GIS, GPS, Geomatic, SDI, Land Administration, ICT and Multimedia and Strategic Management Sectors especially on the reorganisation of high profile Government Department with define concept of SKILLS are more important than technology. The commercial knowledge on wisdom was then utilised by the University College including high end research.